Is your team reaching its full potential?

Unlock the power of your teams. Enable them to become high-performing and resilient.


We transform teams using data-driven insights and people-focused strategies. Some call it magic. We call it another day at the office.

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Our proprietary analytics tool enables us to quantify what drives a team & take targeted action that leads to success.​

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We love data, but we know it’s only as good as the people who can interpret it and apply it in the real world.

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Left brain

Our strategies are rooted in agile frameworks that help processes & cultures to align, enabling teams to perform at their best.​

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Right brain

We’re constantly developing new ways to create team cultures of listening, learning, collaboration, and play.

Take Your Team’s Performance To The Next Level

Our proprietary analytics products allow you to understand and analyze the factors driving your team’s unique culture. Our approach is backed by the latest scientific findings in organizational psychology and in alignment with evidence published by Harvard Business School. The result? One easy-to-use app that allows you to identify and act on critical team performance factors: 




Psychological Safety



Science backed. Industry validated. Client loved.

Learn how we can help you use data-driven insights to analyze your team’s performance and develop an effective team dynamic.

Level Up

We’ve worked on 292 client projects to make teams more agile, resilient and productive. They’ve been pretty happy with the results.


Working with fable+ enabled our team to become more effective and generate faster results. They not only focused on implementing agile frameworks, but also helped create a new mindset of collaboration and customer-focus among our teams.