At fable+, diversity is not a strategic topic. Diversity just happens. As a company that aims to accompany organizations on their path to digitalization, which is quite a tortuous path, we face various kinds of challenges. Some of our customers are at the beginning of their journey and need instance that helps them to take ownership for their decisions and work on a new mission. Others find themselves already in an advanced stage, seeking for support to accomplish their mission. What kind of leadership exists and which style suits best our company and the different challenges being faced on our mission? What are possible structures of our departments to enhance self-organized working while being aligned as well as working towards reaching the one goal we committed to?


Survival of the fittest

For those companies that already decided on the “what”, together, we can find another way by using our experience to transform visions and missions into functioning and aligned organisms.

Speaking about organisms: What we don’t offer is a fever! A fever, in terms of a living organism is firefighting infections that endanger a system. Often it helps for a short term, but it won’t help the system evolving.

Sticking to the scientific perspective, living organisms with a greater diversity of microorganisms are more likely to stay healthy.

To tackle the different challenges that come up during the digital transformation, we need people with different skill sets. Disrupting established structures with playful yet aim-driven methods like LEGO® SeriousPlay® might be a first step. Followed by building up self-organized teams and supporting them through frameworks like Scrum and Kanban to implement an agile way of working. To scale those changes and not losing alignment we use approaches like SAFe and OKRs to accomplish the upcoming journey with good judgment.


Evolutionary change

Those skill sets were developed personally by each of us before we joined fable+ and everybody of us did this in her or his own manner. We spent our working lives in manufacturing, health care, design, as professional game facilitators, organizing conferences and unconferences, in politics, as entrepreneurs and much more. Here at fable+, we come together in an environment where all those different skills, personalities and nationalities serve our customers as the perfect pathfinders they need for a demanding change process. And it’s not only the customer who is benefiting from this diverse ecosystem. It’s also the microorganisms themselves that constantly can observe and learn from each other to use the symbiosis and evolve to the next level.

It is amazing to see how a healthy, diverse organism is not only storing those different microorganisms but how they melt together and create something that faces and overcomes new challenges in unknown ways.

How often is the expression “revolution” put in context with digitalization and new work? But what is to be experienced is not a revolution but an evolution. And for sure, the key is a diverse and therefore healthy organism. This is what we are – and this is what we want to share!

To get further insight in how we at fable+ keep evolving, have a look at other blog articles like “Radical Candor”, “Extreme Ownership” or “Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset”. Got your attention? Contact us via our Chatbot! 🙂