fable+ values knowledge and continuous learning.  In order to support its employee’s selfdevelopment the academy was founded. It is organized as a self-organizing team and professionals working for the agile department are coming together in the academy.

Here all knowledge about agile tools and methods, organizational development, leadership and many more topics is collected and shared with other participants.

We are not simply doing that because we care about our employees (which is still a big part), but to be up to date and teach our customers the latest developments.  To ensure the quality of the service provided to customers, it encourages the employees to be equipped with both theory and practice, also get certified in Agile frameworks. In this way, fable+ invests on expertise, improvement and quality.

Our motto here is: never stop learning.

You may be an expert, however there is always something new to learn. Research, question and read, be open to grow your knowledge. If you are new at Agile, then welcome the structured learning program of the academy, it guides newcomers to be agile.