Christmas Party at fable+
magical Madhatters

On Friday  14th of december we had our fableous Christmas Party, and here are some insights into the evening:

Before welcoming our guests, we gathered all our (wo-)men power to set up the lounge at the Mafinex. Shortly, the room was transformed into a Christmas-room, with a delightful Christmas tree, with hand-crafted Hogwarts baubles, four lovely decorated banquets, a buffet with everything needed for a great barbeque and the bar, so that our barkeeper could provide us with some delicious drinks (Fancy 43 was probably the all-night-favorite). Not only the interior was turned into a Christmas fairytale, but also the exterior – our elves set up a big tent, heaters and the most important gadget of the evening: the big barbeque.

Not long did we have to wait until our guests arrived and it seemed that our guests also felt comfortable and happy right away, making it even more special to mingle around, connect and get to know to each other.

Another highlight of the evening was the arrival of our fable angel, in shiny white, announcing Secret Santa gifts. Every employee received some warm words of our angel and a gift that was carefully picked by an assigned employee. A lot of happy faces were spotted around the room, especially our little guests had great fun with their present.

After the ceremony it was not long to wait until it finally was time for opening the buffet. Our grill- and headmaster, Ilhan, was very happy to feed his squad. Our elves were very diligent so that there was a variety of different salads, savory snacks and dips. Accompanied by delicious smoked meat from the grill it was a feast for everyone (no worries, our vegetarians had not to starve either). Happily ever after dinner, desert was served, spoiling us with different cakes, cream puffs, brownies and even Keto-Tiramisu.

There goes a night full of laughter, conversations, new and old acquaintances and above all fableous memories to be also restored in picture form.

Thank you for every fairy for joining us – we hope you enjoyed the evening as much as we did!

And now – have a jolly and merry Christmas,
take some time out and let the magic 2019 begin.

Your fable+ team