So, what has happened in the past year at antwort360 or fable+…?! A lot!
That’s why this blog article is a bit longer:

I want to start with a funny side note – today (3rd January 2019), it´s been exactly one year since I started working for this company. For me, that was a huge step from moving out of a pretty secure business environment in a well settled and established “Mittelständler” in southern Germany. Moving out to an exciting and adventurous journey with this company called antwort360/fable+.

When I talk about that time, I usually start with the words “When I started here, we didn´t even had furniture for everyone…!”. Starting on January 3rd with five other “Newbies”, raising the number of employees to a total of 14, we began our journey at antwort360/fable+.

These first weeks we spent a lot of time on learning and teaching each other – but most importantly, we grew together as a family. Soon, the real projects kicked in, so it was my turn to support and learn a new workshop-series we introduced to our customer. After a few workshops and I was able to take over the whole thing and host in different locations all over the world, including Ludwigshafen, Hongkong, Singapore and Shanghai. In total there were 35 workshops worldwide. At the same time, the other colleagues found their way to our customer(s) as Agility Masters to support and accompany different teams in their journey to become agile teams. Seeing and feeling the tremendous progress of the colleagues and the company itself really impressed all of us.

Our success with the work we did led to the growth of employees to a total of 25 in the mid of the year 2018 – of course with furniture this time 😉

The personal growth of every single colleague during that time was outstanding.) Growing from starters to competitive players in the consulting business, doing things just different than anybody else – that was our way of success. Besides the workshop series and individual workshops we did at our customers premises all over Germany, we also had a tremendous impact on our biggest customer, which we have supported and accompanied with Agile Coaching since the middle of 2017. Starting with only a few agile consultants there, we soon managed to become the key player and benchmark there for making the teams more successful and bring them one step closer to become agile teams. This is because of the great effort, creativity and continuous work with and for the customer. This big THANK YOU goes out to all our consultants and workshop-hosts for keeping up the good job and making us what we are!

The absolute highlight of the year was our company trip on the AIDA. We had a 4 day cruise with tons of fun and successful workshop sessions for making our company even more awesome. We took a look at everyone’s individual standing points and shaped the vision and future of fable+ together. Of course, we didn’t just work during our trip: Sightseeing in the cities of Amsterdam, Dover and London was also scheduled – and in the evenings (and nights) we rocked the dancefloor!

Just after the AIDA, in November, 11 new employees joined the company, making us complete with 46 family members. In the last weeks of the year, of course the typical “craziness” also drove us to perform the best and outstanding performance from everyone.

The last big event of the year was our Christmas party on the 14th of December. Man, that was a very special event for everyone! The theme of the party was “Madhatters” – so, everyone wore a crazy hat (or had to go home and cry). While having the lounge @ MAFINEX decorated in the most festive and Christmassy manner, we enjoyed a Winter-BBQ, served by our CEO Ilhan Scheer, which cannot be topped. Of course, eating was not the only thing we did. Celebrating us and antwort360/fable+ with a nice atmosphere and giving “Secret Santa presents” to each other was one main part of thanking our colleagues for the great time we have enjoyed in 2018. The crazy hats and costumes of everyone were awesome, too.

Just have a look at the pictures in our Christmas Party blog entry or on Instagram!!😉