About Us

At fable+ we empower teams to develop high-performing, resilient cultures to succeed in an increasingly unpredictable environment. We’re a data-driven, people-focused consultancy with an emphasis on cultural transformation and change management.

But we’re so much more than that.


We Believe That...

We believe in magic. We love to tell stories. We see the value in laughter. We’re right-brained. We’re also left-brained. We know our diversity makes us stronger. We’re not afraid to break from tradition. And we work hard everyday to become the best versions of ourselves.


Our Guiding Principles

Self-Organized Teams Perform Better

We work in self-organized teams with flat hierarchies, guided by agile mindsets and methods. Our approach enables more trust, greater transparency, fewer hurdles and faster decision-making processes.


Company Culture Is Key

Our culture is shaped equally by management and employees. With Heartbeat, our MondayMorningMeeting and constant opportunities for engagement and interaction, we create an environment of openness that drives personal and professional development.


We Have A Responsibility

We believe that it is our responsibility to ask the right questions, to get to the heart of our client’s challenges, and to find creative solutions that lead to long-term change.


Ideas Have Power

New ideas can have far-reaching, positive influences on companies. However, many companies find it difficult to generate new ideas and pursue them sustainably. Together with employees, customers, and partners, we develop concepts and methods that guide transformation.


Rooted in Values, Growing Together

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Create Magic

We develop solutions that are creative and out of the box. We combine data with the human touch, and leverage the result to catalyze lasting change.... That's our magic.

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Be Different

We have the courage to reimagine the consulting and coaching business, and to break with traditional approaches. We believe that the best solutions are often found off the beaten path.

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Constantly Improve

We commit to learning something new together every day and to become better versions of ourselves. We promote an environment of honest feedback and radical openness.

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Keep an Open Mind

We believe that our differences make us stronger. We approach these differences openly and we celebrate the diversity of our team.

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Follow Our Purpose

We share a vision for our company and we understand that we all shape the direction it takes. This understanding of the journey gives us the freedom to take the steps needed to build the company we want to work for.

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Have Fun

We like to play games - cards, board games and even LEGOs. We find pleasure in diving into random things together, laughing and learning endlessly.


The Team

With offices in Germany, Turkey and the United States, the fable+ team is comprised of thinkers, creators and scientists who help shape the direction of our company everyday.


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