Put Your People First

Company culture and connectedness are more important than ever. Our proprietary tools allow you to understand and analyze the factors that determine your team’s performance and take proactive steps to become more resilient.

Because high-performing organizations need healthy teams.

A New Way To Understand And
Drive Team Performance

Did you know that teams with very similar compositions can have drastically different performance records? We’ve utilized leading research to identify the most important factors that impact your team’s performance, and we’ve developed tools to help you measure them and respond effectively.

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Psychological Safety

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Team Effectiveness

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Motivational Drivers


Uncover the Power of Psychological Safety with InsightScan

Guided by recent Harvard University research, our InsightScan tool helps you build a high-performing team by analyzing psychological safety and motivational drivers that impact effectiveness and resilience.



Understand The Cultural Norms Driving Your Team's Performance

The fable+ InsightScan allows you to boost your team’s engagement and effectiveness through data-driven insights. Focusing on key performance factors used by Google and other leading companies, we measure dependability, structure and clarity, meaning, and impact.


Data-driven, Human focused

Our expert coaches help you parse the data, gleaning vital insights and developing people-centered programs that will take your teams to the next level and ensure that they continue to grow.



Product Features

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Customized Questionnaire

Our psychologist-developed templates allow you to launch your first survey within minutes, while our library of additional questions can be used to fit your company’s needs.

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Our coaches - yes, real human coaches - help you take your data and transform it into action steps.

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Anonymous and

Employee responses are always anonymous and confidential, so your team can share their honest feedback in a safe environment. All tools are GDPR compliant.

The Magic Behind It

Our methods are rooted in science and validated through experience.

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