Creating Winning Teams

We employ a holistic people-centric approach to organizational transformation – one that is strongly backed by data and processes, but maintains a sense of playfulness. With more than 400 successful projects (and counting), we are perfectly positioned to support your team’s transformation.


Reimagine What You Know About Motivation, Resiliency and Team Performance

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Psychological Safety

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Agile Transformation

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Team Set Up and Diversity


Psychological Safety

Psychological safety sets the stage for innovation. In fact, companies with high-trust environments are 11x more likely to see higher levels of innovation. Our tools allow you to assess your team on the factors that define psychological safety and take targeted action.



Agile Transformation, Mindsets and Frameworks

Agile teams are more competitive and resilient. We help you create the necessary organizational structures for agility and teach your team to employ tools like Kanban, Scrum, and Design Thinking that drive effectiveness and establish an agile mindset.



Team Set Up and Diversity

A team consists of different personalities – and that’s a good thing! We can assess the strategic diversity of your team, determining where people can contribute best to the development of your organization with their individual talents.


Our Services

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Leadership is one of the keys for successful agile transformations. Our coaches guide you to develop an agile leadership style that builds efficiency and competitiveness.

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Through our innovative group workshops, we leverage fun and creativity to define challenges, translate them into concrete questions, and start building solutions and concepts.

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Team Culture
Change Strategies

Agile transformation always entails a change in corporate culture. Our experienced coaches are ready to accompany and empower your teams and managers to embed agility in everyday work.

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Remote Workforce

Now, more than ever, building a highly functioning remote workforce is vital to your company’s success. We help you implement the processes that will enable your team to thrive.

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Individual Team
Member Coaching

Each member of your team brings something unique to the table. We work with individuals to develop a tailored coaching plan that leverages their core strengths and leads to higher engagement.

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Agile Frameworks
(Kanban, Scrum4Teams)

With agile methods you can move through hard-to-navigate business territories. Become faster and more efficient while harnessing the tools to continuously improve workflow and set the right priorities.


What Sets Us Apart?

With a global team of thinkers, creators, and scientists, fable+ approaches challenges from a people-focused perspective. We develop creative, ROI-driven solutions to empower your organization to become more effective, resilient, and competitive.